Gilberto Santos

I am experienced as a Java Architect Software Engineer Team Lead Java Coaching Big Data Developer A.I Developer


More than a decade of experience in a full stack software development

Java Architect | Team Coaching | Instructor | Big Data Developer.

I am a confident, passionate, certified developer and solution architect on the Apache Hadoop Big Data platform with experience across a full range of components to design and build enterprise solutions for Near Real Time data ingestion, scalable storage, operational reporting and in-depth analysis.

Also a full stack developer and a team leader in agile environment. Focused on software architecture, model-driven development, clean code programming and cloud and service oriented architectures. With more than seven years experience in developing software in areas such as government, financial and education. With more than a decade of experience programming, I am currently acting as a senior software developer and coaching in Ireland. I am able to work with many programming languages and platforms, although I am more proficient with Java(J2EE), Javascript (Angular.js), PhP, Python. An enthusiastic to using Test Driven Development observing the maintenance capability and semantic of coding

Personal qualities and goals

Increase my knowledge with the innovation and the next generation of enterprise's solutions and always strive for improvements and adapt to evolving needs.

Clean Code

development on focus to clean code design in order to avoid heavy software


development on focus to avoid code duplication


development on focus to create reusable components


development on focus business requirement and architecture requirement

Professional Timeline

Working hard and making the success

Create a solid career increase my knowledge with the innovation and the next generation of enterprise's solutions and always strive for improvements and adapt to evolving needs.

  • Since Oct 2020

    TD Securities Toronto Bank in Ireland

    IT Solution Developer Prime

    Working on the next generation of the US and Canadian Prime Brokerage Services platforms. software development in Java, Python, Big Data, Micro-services and Cloud computing as well as UI Javascript Development and DevOps roles.

  • Since Oct 2018

    Citibank Ireland

    Vice President - Software Engineer

    Java Development Team Lead and AI software engineer in the fields of NLP, Machine Learning, tensorflow predict models, Information Retrieval. Worked on natural language parsing, text extraction and classification, answer quality ranking, search personalization and the Big Data ecosystem.

  • Since Jul 2017

    Citibank Ireland

    Senior Software Engineer

    Joined in CitiBank on the data on demand team as an Assistant Vice President with a specific role as Technical team lead and Java big data analyst. I'm the author of the layer of transformation into a software that's able to collect from any source a huge of data, transform them, and injected into the data lake based on the schedule

  • Since Dec 2016

    IBM Ireland

    Senior Software Engineer

    I joined in Watson health team an innovative and technically challenging project team by using Java. I have worked alongside great people with high-level expertise to analyze and translate business requirements into high quality technical solutions.

  • March 2013 - Jan 2014

    Montreal IT, Brazil

    Senior Java EE Consultant

    I created new solutions to improve their performance also introduce unitary tests improving the maintenance capability observing design patterns to be reusable and the semantic coding. I usually do a stand up meeting with them to teaching with a short courses and presentations showing them new features of technologies in Java EE.

  • Jul 2014 - Sep 2015

    Cast IT, Brazil

    Senior Team Lead Architect Java EE

    I worked there as a team leader, was responsible to support the team of development levels between junior and senior, with the technologies used. Also I have done some internal training to guarantee their productivity, driving everyone to excellence.

  • Since 2010


    Java Instructor

    The other part of my basis daily is teaching during the evening. I have a personal passion for nurturing junior developers and communities that working with Java. Teaching short courses about Java, as subject such advanced programming, design patterns, JSF, HTML and Android